Ted Jefferis grew up in a wooden house surrounded by an ancient oak woodland. The son of a boatbuilder. Ted trained as a cabinet maker, he then studied at the Oxford school of architecture where he graduated in 2009. After his formal education, he began making bespoke furniture From his fourth generation workshop.  In 2013 Jefferis set up TedWood, handcrafting a distinct brand of elegant and sustainable, contemporary wooden furniture and lighting.

Ted’s designs are a manifestation of his passion for British wood, each piece celebrates the beauty of timber and the woodland in which it grew. Details are at the centre of designs and highlight the unrivalled quality of materials and craftsmanship. With his roots firmly in the woods, Ted’s work resonates quality, craft and integrity. His work has been awarded a Guild Mark from the Furniture Makers Company and a British Design Award – best craft maker.