Freedom of voice, vision, knowhow and a rich mix of cultural experience make the collective pioneering, resilient and inspiring. In-house cultural influences are international with a particular recent focus on India, Ghana, Japan, Italy, Sudan, Sweden, France, England, Scotland, Thailand, Mexico and North America. Transcultural dialogues and pathways are in continuous flux and have compelling influence on the work produced forever-promoting culture change and evolution. The hub’s efficacy is tangible in residents’ work attracting several awards over the years from the Queen Elizabeth Trust, Queen Elizabeth Engineering Awards, British Council, Hand & Lock, Textiles Institute, TechTextil, Timberland Earthkeeper’s Prize, Max Mara, Lexus, the Loewe Foundation and more.

The collective is designed to give artists working with textiles, in many capacities, a space in which to experiment and develop their sustainable signatures with ease and year-round access to shared facilities and machinery. Residents develop self-knowledge through practice, excellence and present exciting shows, talks and events open to the public, all year round, individually and collectively.

Established by British-French artist Emma Neuberg who is a Doctor of Philosophy in Textiles at the Royal College of Art, the hub presents a collective element in her practice where communal development of skills, identities and cultures precipitate her equitable philosophy and vision.