Tom Winstanley

A 2007 graduate from the Royal College of Art, Tom freelanced in Art Foundries, taught in Universities and was the Chelsea College of Art Foundry Fellow before launching London Bronze Casting LTD in 2014.

Early on, Tom recognised that remarkable objects could only be made by understanding artists and designers’ ideas prior to any physical work being made. By continuously offering up new materials and new techniques, Tom shares a curiosity about the casting process that allows the discovery of a particular casting route that keeps true to the artist’s original vision.

None of these great plans would ever be executed without the skill of the craftsmen that work at London Bronze Casting.  As techniques are changeable from piece to piece, Tom surrounds himself with craftsmen that have the ability to innovate, research and master new ways of making.

The artists bring their vision; the craftsmen bring their tools & Tom brings them together.

In 2018 Tom setup Studio Reckoner LTD; a digital design team who develop sculptures ready for casting – both commissioned or self-generated. The designs are focused on utilising new 3D Print technology that is transforming traditional casting methods.

In 2019, Studio Reckoner’s ‘Green Man’ Bronze artwork will be the first 3D printed PMMA cast public sculpture unveiled in the UK, made at London Bronze Casting.