Tomoka Nomura



Tomoka Nomura began her career in ceramics under the tutelage of Tatsuzō Shimaoka in 2003. One of the very few potters in post-war Japan to be recognised with ‘living national treasure’ status, the charismatic influence of Shimaoka can at times be seen in Nomura’s work.

Most particularly this is true in the patterns she achieves by engraving into the pottery surface. Using a pottery chisel, she crafts each pattern individually in a process that takes time and contains risk of error. The glazes she uses often begin with burning selected pieces of wood in her studio fireplace to make ash as their base ingredient, and they reflect the explorations that begin here. The passage of time and a dedication to craft are visible in the work of Tomoka Nomura, who is a potter who uses the range of techniques of a Japanese potter to create items that become gentle companions.