Vallari Harshwal



Finding connections from within. Vallari is a ceramic designer and a maker based in Reading, England.

She was born and brought up in India in a family of artists and engineers. After a post graduation in Ceramic Design from the National Institute of Design, she worked for various ceramic studios and industries. A scholarship from the Charles Wallace Trust (British Council), gave her the opportunity to travel from India and study at the Edinburgh College of Arts. In 2003, she moved to England with her husband and has made Reading their home since then. She took a break from designing and making for a few years and turned her focus on setting up a design gallery to curate Indian and British designers on various platforms.

A chance to showcase her work at Liberty of London in 2018 returned her to her first love- of designing and making with ceramics as her main material.

Vallari’s work follows two streams- at one end she enjoys the visual aspect of illustrating moments of her life, like a story telling with clay as her medium. This line of work is usually translated on homeware and tableware. All of her tableware is either wheel thrown or slab rolled by hand and crafted to compliment the illustrations she draws.

At the other end is the need to mull, think, absorb and to push herself in exploring her chosen medium beyond its boundaries. Here, she leans towards making sculptural lights and art pieces, a journey she has only just begun.