Artist Vic Wright in a crisp white shirt in front of wide plant leaves. She is looking confidently into the camera.

Vic Wright

Vic Wright is a sculptor from North West England. She studied Fine  Art at the University of Humberside and now works from her studio in Manchester.

Typically Vic’s work takes the form of casts. Using a base of fine casting cement different materials such as metal powders and pigments are added. When drying this results in different textures,  colours and surfaces.

Vic has an explorative approach to her work. She wants to capture the differences between contrasting elements, to create a visual language between materials. Her work evokes the natural world,  only amplified, distorted and moulded to give new context. Vic is influenced in how nature displays beauty in difference. Her interest in using industrial materials create delicate tactile results, which is a common thread throughout her work.