Vincent Jack

Born in Africa, son of a Zimbabwean sculptor, art has always been a resounding part of Vincent’s family life and initiated his creative calling from a young age.

Upon completing school, Vincent moved to England and studied Fine Art in order to evolve his strong urge to express himself creatively. Following his studies, through a series of apprenticeships, Vincent developed significant expertise in a diverse array of creative outlets – from making traditional, timber-framed buildings to blacksmithing, and architectural metal-fabrication to iron and bronze pouring; Vincent’s creations are the combination of technical skill and a keen understanding of the materials he works with.

Vincent enjoys exploring his connection to our environment, some of his sculptures feature trees that appear to have been dissected and surgically reinforced. These works signify a feeling of displacement and reconstruction, relating to his experience of growing up in Zimbabwe. This reconstruction of fragmented pieces reveals an engineered quality, as the individual elements unify within the sculptures.