Vivien Reinert is a multidisciplinary artist and designer with a focus on printed textiles. Her practice explores the process of layering and combining a breadth of colours, mediums and techniques on top of one another as well as imitating textures and surfaces.

Her work explores topics such as comfort, discomfort and isolation. She focuses on immersing herself into her environment, to experience and interact with her surroundings and explore the way it makes her and others feel. She is interested in creating structures and grids, or “order”, alongside capturing the disorganised and imperfect realities of people in their environments. In each of her projects she contributes an appreciation for painting, drawing and illustration.

Upon completing her Foundation Diploma with Distinction at Central Saint Martins in 2015, Vivien went on to study her BA in Textile Design, graduating in 2019 with a First Class Honours. In the same year she embarked on her MA in Printed Textiles at the Royal College of Art from which she graduated in 2021.

As part of ‘Soft Dialogue’, Vivien is exhibiting works from her “Finding Comfort in Discomfort – Floating Around Amongst the Grounded. An Investigation into Comfort and Discomfort” series. This project is about reconnecting with her environment, friends and family through collaboration at a time where forced isolation has replaced companionship. All of the works have been created in collaboration, through constant exchange and discussion about the subject matter of comfort and discomfort. To her the importance and purpose of this project lies in being able to connect individuals who have lost touch with their surroundings, and felt lonely and isolated.