Weftfaced Atelier

Weftfaced Atelier was opened in 2013 by Caron Penney with artist-weaver Katharine Swailes. Here they create bespoke handwoven tapestries, exploring the traditional studio techniques they have worked with for over twenty years for artists and commissioners. They also reinterpret these same techniques to create their own minimal and conceptual works. 

Weftfaced have made tapestries with Martin Creed and Gillian Ayres, and the resulting artworks have been seen in New York, Zurich, Oslo & London.

Katharine Swailes was awarded the Theo Moorman Award for Weaving in 2016 and also shortlisted for the Cordis Prize that year. She exhibits her work across the UK most recently at Flow Gallery, Contemporary Applied Arts, and the The Royal Scottish Academy Building, Edinburgh.

Caron Penney exhibits throughout the UK, including the Royal Academy of Arts and the Saatchi Gallery. She became a member of the 62 Group for Textile Artists and the Contemporary Applied Arts in 2016.

The Atelier works to commission and has works for sale.