Wu Weiping

Wu is an interdisciplinary artist focusing metalwork, sculpture and enamel jewellery design. His early professional career saw his works primarily demonstrate his masterful craftwork skills, with later works developing reflections and observations of Taiwan’s natural elements. Wu’s creative process differs from that of typical craftspeople, with shape and functions only ever becoming fully assigned after he has decided the best form to express his thoughts.

He has participated in different exhibitions in China, South Korea and Italy to name but a few, winning many awards, such as Silver Award of China Ceramic Art Exhibition, considered as the “Olympics” in the ceramic industry in China and Gold Award of China (Hangzhou) Arts and Crafts Fair.

Some of his masterpieces, such as Tranquility and Yuanshang Teacup Set have been collected by Zhejiang Provincial Museum, Zhejiang Museum of Natural History, etc. In 2019, he was selected as one of the young artists sponsored by the China National Arts Fund.