Yiorgos Trichas



Yiorgos Trichas grew up on the island of Syros, a “wondrous island that became this journey’s point of departure and where I spent the first 11 years of my life” as he speaks of the island.

“Siros offered me a unique sense of freedom and a deep appreciation of art as an essential part of the quotidien. It is the memory of that place that brings me back to my raw state; It reminds me of who I am and who I want to be.” He studied the art of ceramics in 2017 and mainly works with stoneware, occasionally with porcelain too. Trichas draws inspiration from his childhood memories; Syros’s cycladic light streaming in through the shutters, the smell of bare earth, the pastel hues, and its neoclassical architecture.

Subconsciously, through life’s daily encounters, he also finds himself getting inspired by sounds, smells, conversations and encounters.
Being a speech therapy specialist alongside his path as a ceramicist, Trichas finds that the two are beautifully intertwined and interconnected. The therapist seeks to find the patient’s unprocessed, unrefined state and supports them in reshaping, re-sculpting and recreating it. The ceramicist imagines, handles, manipulates, sculpts, withdraws and ponders the result.

“Both are long, challenging and creative journeys – their end point is somehow always a pleasant surprise.”