Yogesh Kumar has only to smell a person’s neck or scarf to know the character through the body’s own five elements. He uses the “base notes” and combines them with the “heart notes”. These form the essential character of a bespoke composition which uplift the personality – the nuance of a unique scent.

Yogesh Kumar creates special compositions for unique people and complete scent concepts for companies and events. Today, scents are being used by many brands as an olfactory logo. They serve both as fine-smelling perfumes as well as adding a set of positive emotional associations to a company’s image, product image and presentation.

For the past 35 years Yogesh Kumar has been working on individual scent concepts and compositions. Originally from India, he has made Austria his home for 25 years. Here he develops customised scents for private individuals, corporate concepts for “emotional communication” and scent events for companies. He has developed scent motives for the Dubai Opera Ball, Ford Austria, Hirsch Bracelets, Bank Austria, Austrian National Tourist Office, Anger Machining, Schallaburg and Belvedere Museum.