Zhang Ping is an artist living and working in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, the birthplace of Chinese national cultural heritage Suzhou Embroidery. She has been working in this discipline for 20 years with extensive experience. She is now Director of Gu Wenxia Master’s Suzhou Embroidery Studio.

With the mission of innovation and heritage of Suzhou Embroidery, Zhang Ping has taken part in many creation and repair projects, including costumes making for the TV series A Dream in Red Mansions(directed by Ms.LI Shaohong), adopted by one of China’s four great classic novels.

With her excellent craftsmanship, she has mended dozens of heavily-damaged textiles (imperial quilts, wardrobes and sofa) conserved in various pavilions of the Palace Museum, including Wenyuan Pavilion (the imperial library), Shoukang Pavilion (living space for the emperor’s mother and grand-mother), Pavilion of Elegance (living space for imperial concubines). In addition to the collections in the national museums, she also undertook the repair of fabrics in provincial institutions, such as wedding dress of Soong Ching-ling’s mother collected in Guangdong Zhongshan Memorial Hall.