Zuza Mengham

Zuza Mengham is a London-based Artist who studied and received her BA in Sculpture at Wimbledon College of Art. Rooted in a preoccupation with abstracted form, materials and their stories. Her work explores the join between traditional crafts and new methods of making. The use and manipulation of materials within her work invites questions about the ways in which they are synthesised. Formal arrangements are put under pressure, combining elements that might be expected to oppose one another, so that new associations can materialize. Often sculptural work serves to create a sensorial tie or anchor to ideas of landscape and geologies, both actual and forged. The results have the effect of compacted narratives, merging natural and synthetic elements, both historical and contemporary.

Projects include; Zuza Mengham x Laboratory Perfumes during 2016’s London Design Festival at London’s Conran shop, translating the characteristics of five scents into sculptural form; Maison Objet Paris 2017 receiving the Rising Talent of the year award; Lichen and Jesmonite, an installation at the Hole and Corner-curated space during London Design fairs 2017 exhibit–this project explored these often overlooked organisms and involved researching five varieties of lichens and translating their characteristics into abstract form, whilst also insetting each species within separate bands on the sculptures’ perimeters; As Above So Beneath, Mengham’s series exhibited in 2016 which was fabricated exploring materials linked to crucial points in human history: Iron, Bronze, Copper, Slate, Iron and Salt — this project tied historical narratives to ideas surrounding alchemical theories of materials and their natural physical qualities. Whilst most projects have seen her making series-based work, she has also worked on commissions for site-specific projects.