Highlights of Day 4: Friday 6 May

Highlights of Day 4: Friday 6 May

London Craft Week interns select their highlights:

Millie – Hole and Corner invited us to watch expert tuners highlight the delicate intricacies of the world renowned Steinway and Son’s pianos as part of their event Piano Craft which also showcased music researchers from Plymouth University, seacmlessly blending the ‘old’ with the ‘new’.

Heather – Being in the presence of such an accomplished master tailor as Kathryn Sargent is one thing, but seeing her work crafting a bespoke suit was a unique opportunity. Taking visitors through the steps of pattern cutting, Kathryn demonstrated her detailed knowledge and extensive experience of the traditional craft.  Breaking all boundaries by becoming the first female head cutter and now becoming the first female master tailor to open her own shop in London’s prestigious Savile Row, Kathryn is leading the way in keeping this traditional craft alive and inspiring a new generation of master tailors.

Eileen – Undoubtedly one of the highlights of London Craft Week was the live art of one of China’s greatest living calligraphers. In the grand Royal Court, at the foot of the stairs, the paper was laid out to the dimensions dictated by the artist. He explained via a translator that his preparations would ideally be preceded by meditation. There was also a flute player, which engulfed us in an aura of ethereal sound redolent of the culture of China. Dressed in black with red slippered feet Wang Dongling stepped onto the paper.  The four foot brush was dipped into the red bucket of black ink. He then worked methodically from top to bottom from right to left until the paper was covered. Wang Dongling is the embodiment of the traditional signature stamp, his red slippers and ink bucket, that familiar interruption to a monochrome work. When he finished he told us that there are more than two hundred characters included in the work, but used in a way to produce a coherent abstract finished piece. The forty-five minutes that it took to complete was seamless and hypnotic. It was a privilege to see a generous performance by this celebrated contemporary artist.

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