Joanna Hardy Selects

Joanna Hardy Selects

Jewellery is being represented this year at London Craft Week by some of the leading craftsmen and designers that London and individuals from further afield has to offer.

Jewellery has been tainted with global marketing and mass production over the years which has overshadowed good jewellery made by our best craftsmen as a consequence. People have become more comfortable buying jewellery that looks similar rather than choosing a jewel for unique design and good craftsmanship. Jewellery is worn, it is very visual and just like the art collector, a discerning eye and an appreciation for originality is required to make a purchase that will be enjoyed and importantly will stand the test of time. The unique jewellery events during London Craft Week are a wonderful opportunity to hear from top designers and makers about what goes into making a good quality piece of jewellery. The skill of the goldsmith is in danger of being left to the history books and so its survival relies on people understanding, appreciating and ultimately demanding jewellery that has been beautifully handmade by a craftsmen, there is something quite special and magical in wearing a jewel knowing that there is not another one like it.

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