The South London Trail

A day South of the river for London Craft Week with the team behind Peckham Craft Show.

9.00 AM
Moments away from Peckham Rye station you’ll find our favourite spot for a coffee and people watch in the windows at Brick House Bakery. Make sure you try a jam bostock and take one of the chocolate loaves home to keep you going the rest of the weekend.

10.00 AM
A wander down to Bellenden Road from there, pop your head in at Review book shop, they have a wonderful little craft and arts shelf and Katia behind the desk will find any book even if you only know the colour cover you are looking for. Take a look at what is in season on the the trolley at neighbourhood grocery shop General Store.

11.00 AM
Head back on to Peckham Rye and make your way to Peckham Craft Show, in Copeland Gallery. Lose an hour exploring the work of 50 makers exhibited in curated still-lifes. If you have a time stop for one of the many workshops. Make sure as you wander down the alleyway back to Rye Lane to poke your head in and see what’s going on in the Kiln Rooms, but don’t disturb the makers.

12.00 PM
Grab yourself a Salas wrap from his food truck on Rye Lane, the sustenance of makers and freelancers alike on a weekday lunchtime. We recommend the halloumi kebab, it’s the best in London. The bread for the wrap is handmade as you watch…

1.00 PM
Grab a sugar cane juice for the ride at the cane press and then hop on the 363 from Rye Lane towards the river.

2.00 PM
Jump off at Lambeth Road, a short walk to the brilliant Garden Museum. Learn about Katie Spragg’s residency Lambeth Wilds – Clay and Community and learn how to sculpt plant forms from clay, adding your contributions to a three-dimensional, collaborative nature diary.

3.00 PM
Take a break at the Garden Museum’s lovely cafe, seasonal produce is at the centre of their delicious menu and your table is at the centre of the beautiful garden.

4.00 PM
Stroll to Morely College, the home of arts and crafts learning south of the river. Take advantage of one of their many tester workshops, find out which craft is for you.

5.00 PM
After a jam-packed day of craft sightseeing make your way over for the last hour of Yinka Ilori’s exhibition Types of Happiness, which explores the art of sitting down. A fitting end, perhaps, to a long day South of the river.

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